keys to a successful living


keys to a successful living

Have you ever wondered how come some people make it through life or business while others don’t? do you really think that some hold the secrets to success where others are still searching for it? Would you say that it is a matter of pure luck only or are there other key components that play a major role into living successfully?

I would like to assume like many others that luck and the power of connections (wasta as we say in arabic) could play a role for a person to become successful, however I do think there are other key factors that deserve to be highlighted upon as I believe luck and connections are not enough for a person to sustain success or to create it whether in business, career, love, family….

I believe the factors below support success. You are welcome to add on them :)

– Having a vision of yourself, know who you are, what are you capable of, what are your values, what are your aspirations are the first steps to determine your direction in life. Your vision consists of defining where you are at now and know where you would like to be in the next few years – what kind of lifestyle you would like to have, what are the assets you would like to own, how your family life looks like, where you would like to be at your career or what is the level you would aspire your business to be at….Creating a vision for all aspects of your life supports you in drawing a path, determining your direction thus making better decisions.  Success meaning is different from one person to another, know exactly what and how success looks like in each area of YOUR life ( not your neighbor’s, your friend’s or your colleague’s life) whether it is financial, marriage, parenting, business,…

Very worth to mention that when you define your vision, know why you want it as it should come from a willingness that is so strong that you don’t give up in tough times.

– Once you determine your vision, fix your goals and objectives. Make them SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time lined) – have long term and short term goals, a well- defined and motivating goal is a source of inspiration, it will help you to evaluate your steps and celebrate every milestone achieved. Without goals, you will be going in the flow and not the flow itself.

– Have clarity stay focused on what you want not on what you don’t want so your energy gets focused too. Don’t waste your time worrying about what you fear to happen or what you don’t want to happen in a specific area of your life. Worry and fear do not serve your vision; they can get in the way of you becoming the person you aspire to become. Ask many people around you about what they want in an area and see for yourself they start stating about what they don’t want or fear to happen in the same area.

– Have the mindset of successful people. You must change the story that you keep telling to yourself in the head or listening to the negative inner voice that keeps telling you can’t do, you will fail, you are not good enough…. get the new beliefs that will serve you best and get rid of the beliefs that are blocking you. Start believing in yourself and have confidence in your abilities. Success is an outcome of a path you choose. So choose well. Don’t be afraid to get out your comfort zone, true living is when you expand your comfort circle and challenge yourself into a new thinking and new beliefs. Others will perceive you as you perceive yourself.

– It is very crucial to know where you stand and your capabilities in terms of education, resources or  finances – Never compare yourself to others however benchmark, have a role model whom is living the outcome you desire and model his steps, learn from his challenges and success stories Bear in mind that success is contagious.

– Build your resilience when facing problems, stay focused on your vision and what you would like to achieve, all journeys have ups and downs, no one said success is easy to achieve however it is worth it. Persistence is the secret as well being consistent with your purpose.

“The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you.” – Anthony Robbins

– Work hard without compromising on your family , fun and social life – take actions that can produce the results you want,  monitor and change your approach as much as it takes to give you the results you need – once you start don’t stop or else u will lose momentum.

– Celebrate and take moments off to assess and evaluate your steps. It is so important to take time to reflect and look in the new steps ahead. The mind gets very insightful when relaxed.

– Connect with the right people – build your circle of connections, foster healthy relationships, stay away from toxic people, reaching your vision needs positive energy and healthy environment. Stay open to meet new people and share moments and stories with others as you never know an opportunity could arise from new interactions that could support your vision.

– Be ready for opportunities when they come. Taking evaluated risks and making new decisions makes you move forward. Every decision takes you to a new direction, take only decisions that serve your vision and are consistent with your goals. Don’t waste your time otherwise.

Remember a successful person is a humble one, do not let you ego drive all your actions. There are no secrets to success, it is a matter of knowing, planning and making the right decisions.

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Happy reading!

Linda Chaccour – Youth, Parent and Family Life Coach – Strategic Interventionist Coach


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