10 benefits of being a working “MOM”


10 benefits of being a working “MOM”

A working mother is a woman with the ability to combine a job/career with the added responsibility of raising children. One day someone said: “a man’s work is from sun to sun, while mother’s work is never done.” While women are nowadays keen to have a career, they must also maintain their traditional roles at home, which so many find it difficult.  Besides the overwhelming idea of combining housework and career work, here are 10 benefits of being a working mom:

1- Financial independence and less financial stress: a great advantage of being a working mom is that you do not have to financially depend upon your husband. Besides, by contributing to the family budget, you’re increasing the household income.

2- Better time management: Working moms learn to plan the week ahead and tend to be more organized than others who don’t work.

3- Enhanced quality time: As you spend most of your day time outside the house, you do treasure the time spent with your family as you do not take time for granted.

4- Raising more responsible children: Children of working mothers usually grow up to be independent and more responsible than others. This is due to the fact that they learn to manage many things by themselves in the absence of their parents, like doing their homework or even taking care of their younger siblings.

5- Improving dad/kids relationship: When the mother is working, the father is required to help more in the day-to-day life, and as a result, he develops a better relationship with his children.

6- Social networking: Even though being a mom is filled with busy days and a constant companion, you can still feel very lonely and isolated. Many jobs give you opportunities to meet new people and maintain social connections.

7- Fulfilling your purpose: Everyone is born with a purpose. And for many women, life purpose is bigger than just being a mom. By choosing a career, a woman is usually guided by her talents and passion that lead indirectly to feel fulfillment.

8- Being a role model for your children: When everyday your children get to see you taking care of them and your house, as well as having your own career, you show them that you can manage to have the best of both worlds. But you also teach them the value of prioritizing and sacrifice.

9- Higher level of self-esteem: A high opinion about yourself and who you are and about your abilities, this is what you get when you’re a working mother. Improving your self-esteem increases your confidence and is a first step towards making better decisions.

10- More efficient at work and a happier mom: Your job as a mother makes you better at what you do in the workplace – like being a better listener and having more patience to deal with people. On the other side, your job outside the house makes you a happy mom because of the fulfillment work brings you


From having direct benefits on your family to developing social skills and gaining personal fulfillment, these are the main advantages of being a working “MOM”.

Combining both motherhood and a career is not easy, but reconsidering its positive effects it has on your life, is worth thinking about it!


Haifa Dada – Life and Communication Coach

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