Forget New Year, September is a great time for new beginnings!


Forget New Year, September is a great time for new beginnings!

I find something wonderfully energizing about September in Dubai.  The air seems fresh and full of possibility even though it is 48 degrees outside :)

September is a prime time for change for most people.  It is a busy time of the year especially for parents getting their children ready for back to school, registering them in sports clubs and other extracurricular activities, university students are planning their courses for the fall and many people are back from summer holidays and returning to their work routines and to more disciplined schedules.

September is also a perfect time for reflection, and for re-evaluation of one’s priorities.  It is good to take time to reflect on what you truly value, what really matters to you, and start thinking about the decisions and the choices you want to commit to during the coming year.

Emerge coaching is pleased to resume its coaching activities and as the new academic year begins, you can look forward to some new exciting life coaching programs and workshops to be launched for young people and adults:

Here is a sample of what to look forward to:

For the YOUTH

– The “Emerge Success and happiness Program” (includes 10 structured uplifting sessions) this program is ideal for children and teens and aims to improve overall youth self-confidence, resilience and self-esteem, build their potential, learn new strategies to make changes, control their emotions and achieve the results they want, in order to improve their overall level of happiness and satisfaction.

– The “Academic success and achievement program” (includes 6 uplifting sessions) is a program that helps students define their learning, thinking and motivational styles, develop well-formed academic and personal outcomes for the year, manage their time effectively, create a viable study schedule to commit to, as well as it aims to identify stress relief especially before exams as well as success barriers.

Stay tuned to the upcoming Kids Apprentice holistic event in October (date and location to be advised) which will cover activities related to the mind, body and soul!! To register your child simply email to

If your child needs a confidence boost or if you would want him or her  to have a mindset for positive thinking just email 

For the ADULTS 
In addition to the existing life coaching and parenting programs and workshops, Emerge coaching is pleased to launch its new HAPPINESS PROGRAM "Happier Ever After" for individuals (all ages) who would like to discover a deeper sense of happiness and make positive changes in their lives by learning and practicing the necessary skills and adopt the behaviors to increase their overall happiness levels. Email for more information.

Book an obligation-free trial session for a great coaching experience and to find out more about our coaching programs, approach and methodology.

“Your future and the future of your children and your happiness completely depend on the choices and decisions that you make as an individual today”.

Wishing you a great and fresh September!!

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