What do you want in life for your children?

happier kids

What do you want in life for your children?

"The Best way to make children good is to make them happy" Oscar Wilde

Have you ever wondered why some kids are happier than others? And have you thought of ways to make your kids happier?

Here are 6 tips which could help you raise "happier kids":

1- Be happy yourself
They say happiness is contagious. "Happy parents" are likely to have happy kids. Consequently, nurture your relationship with your spouse because if your children see you happy, their happiness often naturally follows.

2- Give your children love
Just as cars are powered by reserves in the gas tank, our children are fueled from their "emotional tanks". And how do we fill these tanks? LOVE of course! Learn to speak your children's love language whether it is physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time spent with them or any other things you do in order to show them how much you love them!

3- Help them build healthy relationships
"Good relationships keep us happier" said Dr. Robert Waldinger, Harvard psychiatrist. By encouraging your kids to perform small acts of kindness, you are teaching them empathy and compassion, which make them feel their life is meaningful.

4- Allow them to practice their hobbies
Hobbies can foster social connections. While some are practiced alone, many get children meeting new friends, forming new bonds. In addition to that, hobbies can help kids cope with stress.

5- Nurture emotional  intelligence in your children
Countless studies have shown the ability of human being to manage his emotions in a healthy way will determine the quality of his life in a much more fundamental way than his IQ.

6- Cultivate gratitude
Happiness studies consistently link feeling of gratitude to emotional well-being. Make it a regular ritual in their life, as it will foster all kind of positive emotions and it really can lead to lasting happiness.

Spreading happiness at home is crucial! From giving your children love, to teaching them useful skills towards happiness, those are few tips that could help you raise "happy kids".

 After all, happier kids are more likely to turn into successful adults!

By Haïfa Dada
Head of Family Empowerment - "Happier at Home"
Youth and Parent Coach


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