The end of whine


The end of whine

"Within you, is a power to rise above any situation or struggle and transform into the brightest version of you ever."

When time is tough… and things go wrong … do you also go with them?? Do you believe that sometimes things need to go wrong in order to go right? Or do you tend to complain, whine and blame?

When people experience pain, usually they tend to blame someone, blame an event or a situation or blame themselves. People spend  time finding others to blame, too much energy is spent finding excuses for not being what they are capable of being, and not enough energy putting themselves on the line, growing out of the past, and getting on with their lives. J. Michael Starczynski said that and he was right.

We tend to blame past failed relationships for the emotional baggage that we carry today, we often blame our parents for the opportunities lost, the teacher for our child’s failure in exam... We fail, and then we blame. Playing the blame game avoids accountability, pointing fingers to others never solves a problem.

No one is responsible of the problems you are having but you and as long as you stay in the blame habit you will not be happy. Did you know that research confirms that blaming is a happiness blocker?  And definitely having blaming as an attitude will not help you become a solution focused person.

So here are some tips to end the whine:

  • Start taking responsibility and action in regards to your bad decisions, attitudes or behavior. Your life is a result of your decisions and choices, don’t blame anyone for your problems and challenges, instead learn and grow from them.
  • Admit that you might have contributed to create the problem, learn to forgive yourself and just move on.
  • Take time to reflect on your situation or problem, calm down and collect your thoughts. You might have great insights on how to move forward.
  • Find the lesson or the hidden gift, there is always power of  new perspectives when we start looking at things differently.

Make a conscious decision today to take ownership of your life and assume responsibility for everything that has happen and still happening to you.

Pain can either make you crazy or hungry for progress. We all face challenges in life and we all have the stem and capacity to find within us the positive beliefs that will empower us and inspire us to move forward and take action.

Linda Chaccour
Founder Emerge Coaching
Life Strategist and Happiness Consultant

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Linda Chaccour is a passionate Life Strategist and Happiness Coach, a Certified Youth, Parent and Family Coach, and the founder of Emerge Coaching in UAE and in Lebanon. A graduate of the NeuroLeadership Group, the World Coach Institute, and the Robbins-Madanes Training school (RMT), Linda has had the honor of being trained by the International Coach Federation and the motivational guru and success coach, Anthony Robbins.