Are you spiritually productive?

spiritual productive

Are you spiritually productive?

"We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey"  Stephen Covey

As we reach the middle of Ramadan, a time that most people tend to use for reassessment, realignment and refocusing their lives, let us look at things you can do to cultivate your spiritual productivity, your positivity and your well-being. I will share a holistic approach to the soul, heart mind and body:

For the Soul,

  • Send loving thoughts to others by including them in your prayers, wishing them well, success and happiness. Praying for others increases your sense of oneness, releases happy chemicals in your brain, attracts grace and deepens your connection with God.
  • Count your blessings: Take time to be thankful for everything that you have, you can always have more but remember you could also have less. Each day, say Alhamdulillah for simple things which you have been blessed with. A moment of gratitude makes so much difference in your attitude and perception of life.
  • Practice forgiveness by writing a letter in which you express and let go of the anger and resentment towards one or more individuals who have hurt or wronged you. Remember this act of forgiveness is the attribute of the strong, the spiritual process of forgiveness especially during Ramadan, sets you free from the past and enables you to fulfill your true potential and be happy.

For the Heart,

  • Practice random acts of kindness by just doing good things for others either directly or anonymously, whether in a spontaneous or planned way. Conscious acts of kindness help deepen the amount of social support which is the number 1 predictor of an individual’s happiness… It helps you build more positivity around you especially in your family, work and community
  • Do more activities that truly engage you: Delve into experiences at home and at work that are challenging and absorbing, and in which you can almost forget yourself. When you participate in doing something you love, you radiate so many positive emotions that will bring you more joy and happiness to your life.
  • Nurture a relationship: pick one relationship in need of strengthening and invest more time, focus and energy into healing and cultivating it.

For the Mind,

  • Avoid social comparison: Many people are unhappy about their appearance, the way they speak or their background; and comparing themselves unfairly to others. This can lead to a sense of worthlessness and depression.The better you know and accept yourself the happier you will be.
  • Commit to a goal or form a new habit: Pick one significant goal that is meaningful to you and devote the time and effort to pursue it. Ramadan is a great month to form and nurture habits, whether it is a new positive habit you would like to cultivate or a bad habit that you would like to stop, make sure to keep the momentum by repeating it every day!!
  • Pre-plan your day: during Ramadan our daily and work schedules change, so make it a practice each evening to frame out your priority tasks for the following day.  Planning limits the distractions, helps you stay focused on your goals and gives you a sense of accomplishment. However, be mindful to stay flexible.

For the Body,

  • Taking care of your body by engaging in a physical activity. This includes smiling :)  did you know that exercise affects directly your happiness? Exercise is not just good for your body; it is also good for your mind, as it helps release happy hormones in your brain and makes you feel better.
  • Sleep: Countless research studies confirm that 6-8 hours of sleep is necessary for your body and mind to be its absolute best. Make sure you enjoy an adequate rest every day.
  • Nutrition As the old saying goes; a healthy body makes a healthy mind! During Iftar, eating healthy meals will keep your energy levels up the following day, drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated and boost your metabolism, you will feel and look better.

Productivity is the sum of choices and actions we make every day. You are what you do and what you think. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Happiness is when, what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”. Stay balanced, stay productive…

To your happiness,

Linda Chaccour
Founder Emerge Coaching
Life Strategist and Happiness Consultant

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