Parental Coaching

Happiness is, no doubt, the most valuable feeling you can cultivate in your family.

Parental Coaching aims at improving family well-being, strengthen family relationships and enhance child-parent communication.

What is Parental coaching?


Being a parent is the most rewarding and challenging job you will ever do in your life, and it is definitely the most important.  You are in a lifelong relationship with your son or daughter, and the stakes are high. Children do not come with a set of instructions and as a parent; you are a pioneer in chartering daily new waters. Every day brings you new adventures and new challenges and you are constantly exploring the ever changing world of parenthood. You are your child’s most important and powerful role model.

Parental Coaching is all about supporting you as a parent and care giver in the most rewarding, challenging and important job you will ever do.

On a practical note, Parental Coaching will allow you to:

  • Acknowledge the skills and qualities you already have and develop new tools and techniques to use in different situations.
  • Close the gap between the parent you are now and the parent you aspire to be, by applying practical activities and strategies easy to integrate in a busy family life.
  • Rise to family challenges by expanding your thinking and working out solutions to problems you may be facing adapted for the whole family.
  • Deal with challenging and stressful situations positively and increase your overall confidence as a parent.
  • Be great at discipline and setting boundaries while raising positive and responsible children
  • Raise happy “can do” children while teaching them the art of happiness.
  • Set your sights on personal and family goals, believe in yourself and help you move forward one step at a time.
  • Celebrate the parent you are and enjoy your family life and quality fun times.

Parental Coaching plans

Parental coaching plans are offered through a dedicated weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one session while employing an individual custom made plan developed to address your current life situations and concerns. The duration of each session is between 60 and 90 minutes and the packages are created based on the information discussed with you.

All packages start with a complimentary first discovery session representing an opportunity for us to get to know each other and to become familiar with the coaching process. We will discuss different aspects, specific issues or goals you would like to achieve at this point of your life and determine where you want to focus your efforts first and how we can support you best.

Parenting made enjoyable

Emerge Coaching also offers a structured coaching parenting program “Parenting made enjoyable” which is designed to be great fun, enjoyable and a really valuable experience for any parent looking to enhance, fine tune, enjoy exploring their family life and take their parenting to the next level. It consists of ten (10) sessions through which you will learn essential skills and tools that you can easily integrate to your role as a parent.


Thank you Linda you really made my dreams come true I am so sad that I missed last session of the parenting workshop, but let me tell you that you are my role model my inspiration and I’ve got all my strength from you. You taught me a lot of things that will stay with me whole my life to support my beloved ones and one day I will pass it on to my kids and they are going to pass it to their kids and this is all thanks to you


Parental Coaching with emerge helped me have a clearer vision for my family, recognize and develop my parenting skills and my confidence as a mother as well as it gave me strategies to support my kids build their resilience and have a better structure at home.