Who We Are


Our Vision

To inspire individuals create and lead happier and more meaningful lives

Our Mission

Emerge Coaching is a leading coaching company striving to be fully devoted to enhancing and spreading happiness in individuals, organizations and families by providing high quality coaching programs that can change your life, wellbeing workshops, happiness talks in Arabic, English and French languages for adults and children.

Our Story

Emerge Coaching was founded in 2013 by Linda Chaccour, a Life Strategist, Happiness Coach and a Certified Youth, Parent and Family Coach who is passionate about the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology, the scientific study of what makes people thrive and lead meaningful lives.

Emerge Coaching has helped many individuals (children and adults) in UAE and in Lebanon build their natural outer and inner self-confidence, foster a positive mindset and an ultimate state of happiness as a result. The practice serves the whole family as a unit, with services extending to personal, youth, parent and relationship counselling and offers customized life coaching programs and workshops to individuals and groups of all ages and from all social backgrounds.

At Emerge Coaching, we adopt a personalized approach to help YOU build a well-lived life and we offer YOU cutting-edge strategies and tools for creating positive change in yourself and others. Because we believe that happiness is a skill that can be strengthened and cultivated, our promise is that you will see improvements in yourself from the very start as you develop your potential, and you will transform your ability to create an intentional, conscious and happy existence, while reaching your peak fulfillment. 


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