Wellbeing workshops

Emerge Wellbeing workshops are highly interactive, fun and engaging, whilst also being informative and insightful. They cater for individuals, businesses and organizations and can be customized to meet your needs.


The wellbeing series promote a new way of thinking and provide practical and cutting-edge strategies that quickly set your life on a new and exciting trajectory. All the workshops provide a safe environment for expression, sharing and encouragement. You will leave with new perspectives, clear decisions and a personal plan for making your decisions a reality.


The Happiness series: raising awareness of the general principles underlying a happy and fulfilled life

  • How to become happier? Exploring 8 practices that are scientifically proven to INCREASE happiness in the short term and over time will rewire the brain to be happier more of the time!
  • The 10 happiness myths that block happiness and how you can overcome them.
  • Rewiring your brain to become more positive.
  • Happiness at work…and beyond. Happiness or success? Which comes first?

The confidence series - Concrete steps to gain self-confidence and break through low self-esteem

  • Cultivating a healthy body image - Outer self-confidence.
  • Recognizing your negative inner talk -  The Power of affirmations and positive thinking.
  • Increasing your self-worth - Understanding the power of your attitude toward yourself. 
  • Drawing boundaries with others, be kind with awareness, learn to say NO and maintain healthy relationships.

The self-awareness series: Discover who you are, why you do the things you do, take control of your decisions and actions.

  • Defining Values -Your Compass to a Great Life and decision making.
  • The six Human needs: the driving force behind your actions and decisions.
  • The art of setting goals and the power of thinking big.

Take control of your life series – control your emotions and master your actions

  • Emotional regulation techniques to foster healthy stress free life /Anger management and staying cool under pressure.
  • The art of proactivity-develop this positive habit to be a successful and personally an effective person.

The relationships series: Nurture and expand your relationship with yourself and others so you never stop growing and continue to experience greater joy, love and fulfillment

  • The 5 Languages of love –the secret of love that last
  • I love myself, celebrating the person I am
  • Make your marriage life happier
  • Teaching your child the art of happiness

All workshops consist of interactive dialogue, small team exercises, group and individual coaching. Emerge wellbeing workshops will lead you through the journey of challenging your mental voices, and ultimately building the power to take control of your life.


Delivery methods for all workshops

  • Group sessions that can be conducted face to face at mutual agreed times and place.
  • Participant’s personal workbook and answer sheets are included.
  • Delivery language Arabic and / or English
  • You may create your own mix package, if you are interested in some topics in particular and all above topics components may be also tailored into group or private coaching.